Package Management

Chocolatey - Install software using only one command, with no bloatware and with added security. (Windows)

Ninite - Install a bunch of programs at once. Without the commandline. (Windows)

homebrew - Package manager for Mac. (Mac)

Streaming Tools

OBS Studio - Fully featured switcher and encoder. Free and open source. choco install obs-studio

Newtek NDI - Protocol for routing audio and video feeds between programs and across the network. (Windows, Mac)

VLC - Open-source media player with NDI and OBS integration.

Restream - Tool to put your stream on multiple platforms.

Audio Tools

audacity - Open-source audio editor. choco install audacity

RTX Voice - AI-powered realtime background noise isolation. REQUIRES AN NVIDIA RTX GRAPHICS CARD. (Windows)

Encoders and other Media Tools

FFmpeg - The greatest video encoder ever created, will handle any audio/video format/file you throw at it, but requires the usage of the command line. choco install ffmpeg

Handbrake - GUI for FFmpeg. Great for saving a recording if your computer crashes or if you need a version of it with different specs. choco install handbrake

mpv - Lightweight video player with a great debug screen. choco install mpv

mediainfo - Tool to check video/audio/image specs, like the bitrate, resolution, codec, etc. choco install mediainfo

Streaming Platforms

Twitch - The most fully-featured livestreaming platform.

Mixer - Livestreaming platform focusing more on gaming and interactive streams.

YouTube - Video streaming platform, live and on-demand. Great copyright policy.

SoundCloud - YouTube but for pure audio.